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InstaBIM: Convert Feasibility Studies into a Revit Model

Session Description

Create a concept design model and turn it into a fully built Revit model in 15 minutes. In this class we’ll go over how Dynamo can be used as an interoperability tool with Revit and TestFit along with other software to reduce data drop between design stages. We’ll show how you can fitout the entire interior of a multifamily apartment building with typical apartment units as well as assign specific family types to a variety of geometry within the building. Dynamo Player and Dynamo Packages can be used to create simple User Interfaces along with basic Python to manipulate the Revit API.

Learning Objectives

  1. Create a Revit model from TestFit
  2. Fitout interior apartment units of a building with Dynamo
  3. Create kit of parts from Revit typical apartment units
  4. Use Dynamo to create simple user interfaces

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