Civil Infrastructure Owners
Case Study
Improving geotechnical Dam mining projects performance through BIM/AWP/LEAN
Class ID: CI502248
Product(s): Autodesk Build, Civil 3D, InfraWorks, Navisworks
Topics: Building Information Modeling (BIM), Construction Management, Digital Transformation, Mining, Quality Management

Session Description

Dam’s projects involve many uncertainties. The need to coordinate various stakeholders, both internal to the owner, as well as suppliers is also another challenge, demanding special attention with the traceability of information. In the diagnosis phase of the project, traceability improvement and a better planning and controlling supported by BIM was also pointed as priorities. To address the pains BIM was combined with other best practices solutions like AWP, LEAN, CDE Autodesk Build and reality capture.
The initial results with pilot projects showed better assertiveness in operations, better programming and controlling of the next steps, improved information traceability, improved productivity of the main services and better planning predictability.
The implementation was also supported by a model that monitors the maturity gains of the teams, enhancing the transfer and sedimentation of knowledge sustaining the cultural evolution involved.

Learning Objectives

  1. Apply AWP with BIM to coordinate owners and suppliers planning prioritizing tasks accordingly to the path of construction
  2. Implement strategies to improve traceability for quality control, change management and databook supported by Autodesk Build
  3. Apply LPS routines to democratize the understanding of the project by field teams and increase construction predictability
  4. Implement a cultural evolution process to engage the team's maturity gain when scaling the solution across company portfolio

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