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Energy, Natural Resources and Utilities
Case Study
Improving data quality in FPSO design: Library of engineering attributes
Class ID: ENR502161
Product(s): None
Topics: Data Management, Digital Delivery, Oil & Gas, Plant Design, Quality Management

Session Description

BIM tools have had a major impact in the past decade, transforming the way we design and putting data at the center of the process. But what has been neglected until a couple years ago is the scope of the model. Which pieces of information should be defined? When is it required? Who is responsible for it? In our experience this plays a major role in successfully managing a detailed engineering contract and having a design digital twin that will assist you during execution. The implementation of this process resulted in a Class Library that relates to CFIHOS initiative and has been used in recent EPC contracts.

Through this implementation we have observed an increase in data quality, better usage of models for design survey, enabling of automatic verifications, data accountability and traceability. Most importantly is predictability and the ability to solve issues that might occur during construction on the design phase, thus reducing delays.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand gains enabled by a structured Class Library.
  2. Enable digital twin technology for operations.
  3. Learn the basis of automatic verification in a design.
  4. Apply techniques for data traceability in EPC contracts.

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