Technical Instruction
How to set up the Autodesk Construction Cloud as a CDE
Class ID: AS501066
Product(s): Autodesk Docs, BIM 360 Docs
Topics: Building Information Modeling (BIM), Cloud Collaboration

Session Description

In the Autodesk Construction Cloud you can use the Document Management module as your Common Data Environment (CDE), you must define a naming standard with the Project Admin module. The naming standard includes the naming convention, attributes defined in the ISO 19650 series of standards, rules that define which folders the naming standard is applied to, and the rules that define how documents uploaded to the system are handled. In this class I show every step on how to configure your Autodesk Construction Cloud environment to adopt this configuration.

Learning Objectives

  1. Discover how to set up the Autodesk Construction Cloud as a CDE
  2. Learn how to customize document attributes
  3. Review how to work with upload rules and reference copies
  4. Configure naming conventions

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