Civil Engineering
Case Study
How to scan-to-BIM for paving maintenance with low-cost techniques
Class ID: CES501000
Product(s): Civil 3D, ReCap Pro
Topics: Automation, Building Information Modeling (BIM), Field Management, Infrastructure Workflows, Land Development and Urban Planning

Session Description

The management of the diagnosis of pathologies and maintenance of pavements is a latent challenge in the various offices of the public sphere. In this context, scan-to-BIM technologies and mobile devices can simplify the survey of existing conditions and bring precision to pavement maintenance strategies. This class aims to evaluate the use of LiDAR embedded in mobile devices as an accessible resource in the survey of pavement conditions and the potential of integrating this data into the maintenance project mediated by Building Information Modeling (BIM) processes. The contributions of the work identified the variables of pavement analysis from the use of LiDAR, qualified the accuracy of its physical characteristics and performance potential of lower-cost lifting devices, and explored the usage of the BIM model. The benefits included generating a customized plan as well analyzing and automating maintenance solutions, such as milling, resurfacing, and pavement corrections.

Learning Objectives

  1. Processing data point-cloud survey from a mobile device using Autodesk Recap Pro
  2. Using this information in Autodesk Civil 3D to get the pavement surface and located it in the geographic system.
  3. Creating a maintenance plan using Rehab Corridor, reports, quantities, plans, sections, etc.
  4. Using Dynamo to script and associate pathologies photos in the model

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