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Civil Infrastructure Owners
Industry Talk
How to develop GIS/BIM executive dashboards to manage Smart Cities better
Class ID: CI502382
Product(s): Autodesk Build, Autodesk Docs, InfraWorks, Revit
Topics: Cloud Collaboration, Data Management, Geospatial, Smart Cities

Session Description

One of the great challenges of public administration is the creation of digital inventories of existing assets for management, operation, maintenance, and support to create new assets. ArcGIS' bidirectional integration with Autodesk solutions enables quality control of inventory data. Also, geoprocessing, design, and construction teams work accurately in a real-world context. This class brings a vision beyond, which is to guide the construction of executive dashboards through the treatment of GIS/BIM data in the cloud and how to configure through Autodesk Construction Cloud and GeoBIM the best way to present sensitive data from registration, projects and works for public managers. We used as a case study a public building work and its immediate area, comprising parameters and disciplines of urban infrastructure. It is a great reference in GIS in the northern region of Brazil that has accelerated its digital transformation aiming at the status of a Smart City.

Learning Objectives

  1. Integrate GIS database to Autodesk BIM solutions to build city information models
  2. Implement cloud technology strategies to share valuable data with public owners
  3. Define how to structure data in executive dashboards to support public decision making
  4. Discover the power of Autodesk Construction Cloud and GeoBIM

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