Industry Talk
How design firms are leveraging data to improve digital delivery

Session Description

At DIALOG we see the adoption of technology as a way to accelerate our design quality and perform better on project delivery. However, we don't think of data consumption merely in terms of platform or tools, but rather about the process and advantages which these tools provide in delivering higher-quality designs. We look at the flow of information through each phase in the project lifecycle to determine what data we can collect to inform our design decisions.

This industry talk will examine the transfer and management of information in the project lifecycle, focusing on how design data can be utilized at all design phases and even beyond project completion during the operations and maintenance of a building. It will also review how an information loop can provide the designers with insights into the actual building performance, enabling a process of continuous improvement of the built environment.

Learning Objectives

  1. Assess the data requirements for utilization in operations and maintenance
  2. Validate the design data through feedback loops from the owner
  3. Measure the value of leveraging building data for informed design decisions
  4. Define a workflow to unify our modeling standards throughout the design process

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