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Case Study
HBIM implementation: A How-To workflow for an HBIM model
Class ID: AS501565
Product(s): Navisworks, ReCap Pro, Revit
Topics: AR, VR, XR, and Reality Capture, Building Information Modeling (BIM), Data Management, Digital Twin, Project Management

Session Description

Cultural heritage is related to society’s memories and digital technologies, like HBIM, offer great alternatives for the historic building’s preservation.
This class will share the details of HBIM implementation project at The Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz). You’ll get in touch with the workflows developed on this project and the goals of the HBIM for building management at Fiocruz. An HBIM model and user guides were some of the results.
The case study is the Quinino Building, a four-story eclectic building that belongs to the Historic Architectural Core of Manguinhos. The model aims to answer issues like: Which system categories are appropriate to receive elements like ornaments. How to divide elements and families to guarantee the extraction of quantities for projects. Graphic representation strategies to evaluate the levels of significance of the building etc.
We invite you to learn more about how to plan and model an effective HBIM model for cultural heritage management.

Learning Objectives

  1. Explain the process behind HBIM implementation and the differences between BIM implementations.
  2. Evaluate the objectives and uses of HBIM for heritage management.
  3. Implement strategies to develop an effective HBIM model.
  4. Share tips of modeling an eclectic building using Autodesk Revit.

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