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Getting the most from the Autodesk Construction Cloud

Session Description

Over the years Autodesk has grown their cloud ecosystem into a fully functional common data environment with specialized services for all project participants. While many are familiar with the main benefits of viewing or coordinating, there are many tools that users have access to and are not aware of how to leverage, or their workflows are inefficient because they are not connecting services.
This session will review the different services available in the ACC like BIM 360 and the Unified Platform to dispel the confusion that exists, and explain when and how it's best to migrate based on the project needs and service functionalities. We'll also cover tips and tricks developed from project work to solve many of the problems that I’ve seen in the field, like pitfalls to avoid during setup up or coordination, as well as what 3rd party tools can help common issues. If you want to learn more about the ACC to make your projects more efficient and successful, this is the session for you.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand what the Autodesk Construction cloud is and how the Unified platform and BIM 360 fit in it.
  2. Setup a project for all disciplines and ensure coordination is done seamlessly and effectively
  3. Learn how to migrate from BIM 360 to the Unified Platform and manage your seats effectively
  4. Describe the different components in the ACC and how they can interact with each other as well as other services and tools

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