Instructional Demo
Generative Design in Tiny Bites
Class ID: AS500337
Product(s): Dynamo Studio, FormIt, Revit
Topics: Analysis, Computational Design, Generative Design

Session Description

Generative Design for Revit uses performance goals and constraints to create better buildings and infrastructure. While there are many examples of exciting and valuable applications of the process, diving in feet-first with optimization and option generation routines can be daunting. We will look at bite-sized optimization routines that can be aggregated to address larger building performance solutions. Each smaller piece we explore will have a creative and fun, if perhaps trivial, outcome. When used in conjunction with other similar sized pieces they will create meaningful and unexpectedly high performing design spaces.
Smaller workflows created in Dynamo include growing a sunflower, generating unusual supports for a very expensive coffee table, or finding the shortest way out of a hedge maze. Aggregated workflows will address issues of building and neighborhood form in relationship to environmental, programmatic, and cost goals.

Learning Objectives

  1. Define goals and constraints for targeted problems to execute in Dynamo
  2. Combine small Dynamo workflows into custom problem-solving machines in Generative Design for Revit
  3. Generate and Evaluate neighborhood scale massing studies for development in Revit
  4. Integrate environmental analysis engines into building form creation

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