Instructional Demo
Generative Design for Revit - Dissecting the Revit Connection

Session Description

Generative Design seems to be everywhere these days. So much so that Autodesk included it with the Revit 2021 release on the ribbon as Generative Design in Revit (GDIR). One thing they forgot to include was how to connect this to your Revit models. This class aims to teach you the basics of GDIR and how to effectively connect it to your Revit model and create real Revit elements.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn the basics of the Generative Design Process
  2. Learn to Implement User Inputs that Make Sense
  3. Learn to provide feedback (that works) to the end-user.
  4. Learn how to create and update Revit elements with Generative algorithms in a variety of ways.

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