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Civil Engineering
Case Study
GIS/BIM Overlapping to mitigate flood risks in urban areas: a Case of Study
Class ID: CES500994
Product(s): Civil 3D, InfoDrainage, InfoWorks ICM, InfraWorks
Topics: Building Information Modeling (BIM), Infrastructure Workflows, Land Development and Urban Planning, Sustainability, Water Resource Management

Session Description

In this case study, a Brazilian city called Iconha in Espirito Santo was affected by floods in January 2020, with several consequences such as humane and socio-economic damages. This type of problem is common in many cities around the world. Government institutions struggle with floods and demand ways to analyze and create structural measures to mitigate risks. The GIS/BIM technologies can support urban planning and prevention measures, including simulations and analysis. This class will cover the GIS/BIM overlapping potential to mitigate flood risks in urban areas and demonstrate how Infraworks, Civil 3D, Innovyze Infoworks ICM, and Innovyze Infodrainage can support design solutions to reduce urban challenges.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn about using Infraworks to analyze areas with flood risks and model the proposals to mitigate problems.
  2. Understand the workflow between Civil 3D and Innovyze Infodrainage and Infoworks ICM existing scenarios and solutions.
  3. Find out about the benefits of using Innovyze solutions to create simulations of rivers for analysis.
  4. Learn more about using SWMM model to compare different scenarios and subsidize consistent projects.

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