Evolving from Mentee to Mentor
Class ID: AS500154
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Topics: Business Management, Diversity and Inclusion

Session Description

After focusing on learning as much s we can, gaining a range of skills, and looking for resources to do so wherever we can, there comes a time when a younger professional seeks our help to do the same. After focusing on advancing our careers, there comes a time when we are called upon to help others advance theirs. How do we navigate this transition? What challenges are there? Does helping someone else mean we will not be able to focus on our own careers as effectively? Is this transition different if we consider diversity and inclusion topics? Join this panel to discuss these questions and more.

Learning Objectives

  1. Discuss what makes an effective mentor
  2. Evaluate the challenges in mentoring a younger professional
  3. Discuss how best to navigate the transition from mentee to mentor
  4. Engage in an open discussion to learn from each other

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