Case Study
Efficiency metrics extracted from BIM models
Class ID: CS502623
Product(s): Navisworks, Revit
Topics: Building Design, Building Information Modeling (BIM), Data Management

Session Description

That the BIM working process significantly increases the potential in the AEC industry is already common knowledge. However, how to know and reach these desired levels of efficiency?
In order to monitor and study for more efficient design solutions, we use the power of data contained in BIM models to track information and quantities and propose better design solutions through these models.
In our Company, reliability and competitivity are cultural values, so, we use all the data power from BIM models. We want to improve the human habitat, we build virtually, and we make decisions with reliable data, this is BIM in Rôgga.

Learning Objectives

  1. Create BIM Models Data
  2. Analyze and process BIM Models Data
  3. Prepare IFC Models to user defined data options
  4. How to extract data from specific objects to create metrics eficiency index

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