Industry Talk
Dynamo, Generative Design, & Insight for a Sustainable Workflow

Session Description

With climate change on the forefront of the world’s collective mind, architects and designers must respond to keep up with the industry and meet the sustainable initiatives akin to the Arch 2030 Challenge. For years designers have struggled to accurately analyze building performance and iterate design options. Faced with fast deadlines and budgetary constraints, many abandon building performance analysis. This session will focus on creating a workflow with the tools in Revit to design a conceptual sustainable home. Starting with a predefined site, I will show how leveraging Dynamo and Generative Design assists in early design exploration and optimization of building form. After, I will outline how Dynamo’s Solar Analysis tool coupled with Generative Design can be used to study the effects of solar exposure and optimize passive design elements such as PV arrays and shading devices. Throughout the process I will benchmark the design using Insight to help drive down the proposed EUI.

Learning Objectives

  1. Simplify the workflows between Revit, Dynamo, and Generative Design for conceptual & schematic design.
  2. Leverage Dynamo & Generative Design to create & explore conceptual geometries for specific design requirements.
  3. Analyze solar exposure to optimize in passive design strategies using Dynamo & Generative Design
  4. Integrate Autodesk Insight to benchmark the proposed EUI throughout the design process

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