Don’t Go It Alone: Lessons Learned from Outsourcing Your BIM Support

Session Description

As the AEC industry has become more complex, the teams for projects have come to include a wider variety of specialized members. Just like we have consultants for engineering, lighting design, kitchen design, etc., we also need now need a BIM consultant, as the technology is the center of how we get our projects designed and constructed. In this panel discussion we will bring together a BIM consultant and a variety of design professionals to discuss both the common challenges to all disciplines and the unique ones as they relate to technology and how a BIM consultant can assist with streamlining workflows, creating content, and sharing advanced knowledge to improve a project as a whole. We will also discuss how the decision to include a BIM consultant was made, what value they brought to the team, how the cost of this services was handled, and any lessons learned for future projects. (PGI)

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the value including a BIM consultant on your project teams
  2. The costs associated with adding a BIM consultant to your team and strategies for reducing the impact on your bottom line.
  3. Gain an understanding of the best practices and lessons learned when outsourcing BIM assistance.
  4. Learn strategies on how a BIM consultant can work together with an in-house BIM manager to improve the overall BIM experience

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