Diversity & Inclusion in Design Technology Leadership on Autodesk Products.
Class ID: AS500117
Product(s): None
Topics: Diversity and Inclusion

Session Description

The class focusses on the ethos of Respect, Appreciation, Value and Inclusion as the four cornerstones of Diversity celebration. The panel shall celebrate the lives and contributions of several design technology leaders and encompass the strategies that help evolve Inclusive Innovation. The collaboration of minds, hearts and souls to create a symbiotic digital revolution helps reap rewards of a more sustainable path for the future. We shall envisage the paths of creating structures of success for everyone and celebrate our differences and uniqueness. The binding purpose and goal of Building a Better World together using Autodesk Products Together. We shall bring together a panel of people from all walks of digital technology users to converge on a discussion and evolve with future collaboration processes.

Learning Objectives

  1. Respect: Cultivating a Culture of Respect in design technology domain by design.
  2. Appreciate the skills and being the shepherds of success for others through humble leadership.
  3. Value each other and add value to each others lives and aligning to each others value system.
  4. Inclusion: The panel shall bring forward ideas for ways to have enhance inclusion for everyone in this Digital Revolution.

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