Autodesk Product Briefing
Data: Spanning Team, Industry and Product Boundaries.

Session Description

The AEC industry is throttled by disconnected experiences and siloed data. Designers today are faced with projects that are pushing the boundaries of design to new limits. This growth is driving an ever increasing need to work collaboratively in environments that span the boundaries of company, team, industry and software. The Data and knowledge required to complete such projects must also span these boundaries. Solutions are required to support, many and varied, unique user and project needs, while also allowing teams to consolidate data and work asynchronously. Join us for a look at how AEC data can be shared between products and across boundaries via managed exchanges that enable new workflows engaging with 3rd Party services.

Learning Objectives

  1. Define concepts around a model for understanding data sharing in AEC
  2. Identify new opportunities to collaborate design data outside the primary authoring software
  3. Assess where value can be realized in the design process through collaboration across products
  4. Envision the growth of AEC where Data not Drawings are the collaboration Media of choice.

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