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Data Management for NC files using Vault 4 Make
Class ID: MFG501596
Product(s): FeatureCAM, PowerMill, Vault Professional
Topics: Advanced Manufacturing, Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM), Data Management, Future of Work

Session Description

Join this session that will showcase the use of Vault 4 Make as a new Autodesk offering to help bridge the gap between manufacturing shopfloors and design/engineering departments. Autodesk have a new offering that can help store NC files in Autodesk Vault, building reliance within an already mature data management discipline. Take advantage of this solution to help eliminate common errors that manufacturing face daily, this new application can streamline the revision control of NC files, by using Vault lifecycles built and directed to machine controllers for seamless interaction.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the main use of Vault 4 Make
  2. Get involved in data management and see the benefits of using Vault 4 Make
  3. Visualise and understand typical examples of a Vault 4 Make solution
  4. Understand the use of traceability and tracking for NC code using Vault 4 Make with CAM Projects

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