Software Development
Technical Instruction
Continuous Delivery RevitAddin with Github
Class ID: SD500940
Product(s): Revit
Topics: Automation, Computational Design, Project Management, Software Development

Session Description

In web development, it is very common to have CI/CD (continuous integration and continuous delivery) of the application, in a windows application like a Revit Addin it is more complex but possible. This class will present a solution to automate the development and deployment of Revit Addin using Github and open-source tools, and the possibility to update a Revit Addin with a running Revit, using the Autodesk AppBundle standard format and the CI/CD Github Releases.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn how to use Github CI/CD with RevitAddin.
  2. Learn how to implement Nuke build to automate the RevitAddin releases.
  3. Discover the AppBundle format to update RevitAddin on the fly.
  4. Discover where to get further technical help.

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