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Civil 3D Tips to Maximize Project Performance

Session Description

What runs faster, a tortoise, or your Civil 3D projects? If you answered tortoise, this session is for you. Guided by the practical experience of the CAD manager for an ENR Top 500 firm, we’ll explore common myths of Civil 3D performance before identifying the most common root causes of those very problems. From best practices for drawing maintenance to recommended drafting and project-structure practices, you’ll discover experience-driven solutions to performance problems most commonly encountered by Civil 3D project teams. So sit down, buckle up, and keep your hands on your keyboard as this session helps put your Civil 3D projects into overdrive.

Learning Objectives

  1. Debunk common myths of Civil 3D performance while identifying the root cause of common performance problems.
  2. Implement and automate critical drawing maintenance to keep projects running smoothly.
  3. Adopt actionable and performance-focused Civil 3D drafting practices on projects.
  4. Leverage proven data management strategies that maximize Civil 3D project performance.

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