CAD Management Unmasked: Life after COVID-19 at Small to Mega-Sized Firms

Session Description

As the world unmasks and a post-pandemic life emerges, how has COVID-19 changed CAD management? Although a question asked by all firms, the size of your firm nuances the answer.
Join a panel of expert CAD managers from small, medium, large, and mega-sized firms for a discussion about the ways COVID-19 has forced them to think differently. Learn how each organization has risen to meet the needs of their employees and clients after a pandemic.
What role have Autodesk technologies played in making it possible to work throughout the pandemic and beyond? How has the way CAD managers implement, support, and train staff on Autodesk technology changed? What measures persist after the pandemic?
Led by Donnie Gladfelter of Timmons Group (700+ employees), you’ll gain answers to those questions and more from a panel of experts; George Othitis of Daft-McCune-Walker (50+ employees), Joshua Paulan of ESP Associates (150+ employees), and Stacey Morykin of Gannett Fleming (2,800+ employees).

Learning Objectives

  1. Compare the similarities and differences of CAD management at varying sized firms in the COVID-19 era.
  2. Analyze how a firm's size empowered or impeded its ability to adapt and respond to COVID-19 in the workplace.
  3. Identify ways Autodesk technologies allowed their teams to remain productive throughout the pandemic.
  4. Examine the ways CAD managers support their teams has changed, and where they prioritize their time.

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