Building Owners
Case Study
Building Digital Twins for AEC using Forge
Class ID: BLD500661
Product(s): Autodesk Tandem, Forge, Fusion 360, Revit
Topics: Building Information Modeling (BIM), Building Operations, Digital Twin, Software Development

Session Description

Digital Twins have become a popular topic, in recent years, and Autodesk is heavily invested in helping customers and developers to use our platform technology to build their own. Autodesk Research began its journey exploring the integration of sensor data with BIM back in late 2009, when it started Project Dasher. Since 2016 Dasher has been using the Forge viewer for its visualization of IoT data alongside BIM - allowing its pilot users to gain insights from contextualizing real world performance data inside a 3D environment - and this session describes how Dasher's features have been integrated into the Forge platform via the Data Visualization Extension. It also looks at how Dasher has been able to harness Autodesk Tandem - the nascent Digital Twin platform for our customers to manage their facilities - to simplify workflows that would otherwise lead a tool such as Dasher to be unscalable for widespread adoption.

Learning Objectives

  1. Know the history and features of Project Dasher
  2. Understand the origin and capabilities of the Forge Data Visualization Extension
  3. Learn the benefits of using Autodesk Tandem for digital twin workflows
  4. Plan Digital Twin development activities based on features coming in Forge and Tandem

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