Technical Instruction
Break Your Model Apart! Boost the model LOD and improve constructability
Class ID: AS502060
Product(s): Revit, Revit LT
Topics: Building Design, Building Information Modeling (BIM), Design Visualization, Digital Construction

Session Description

For constructability purposes, Revit's Construction modeling tools can be used to give more depth to your key building elements and elaborate on their shape, size, material, and look.
These elements can be documented, scheduled, and shown alongside the rest of your model or in their own set of shop drawings.
The Parts feature can be used to 'explode' your walls and floors down to their basic layers, allowing you to change them in a variety of ways.
We'll also show you how to use the assemblies feature.
These capabilities are among the most underused in Revit, and I'll make a case for why you should use them more frequently.

Learning Objectives

  1. Create parts and assemblies’ for design and construction
  2. Present, Document, schedule design elements and create shop drawings
  3. Increase LOD by using construction modeling techniques
  4. Know your tools and how to use them effectively

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