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The BIM360/ACC BIG Archive Saga.. – How can I deliver?
Class ID: BES501739
Product(s): Autodesk Construction Cloud Connect, BIM 360 Build, BIM 360 Docs
Topics: Cloud Collaboration, Digital Transformation

Session Description

BIM 360 and Autodesk Construction Cloud services are currently being utilised by many contractors, designers and owners. One thing that these avid users are finding is that they are unable to archive and handover all project data to paying customers at key milestones of a project. To supplement these project requirements, Symetri Ireland have developed Naviate “GEMINI”. This class will focus on how BIM360 and ACC Cloud users can use “GEMINI”, its additional features and how the backup/archived data is presentable to the end client.

Learning Objectives

  1. Current Industry Handover Requirements
  2. Learn the extensive features of “GEMINI”
  3. Learn how to navigate “GEMINI”
  4. Showcase the OFFLINE Gemini interface - Customisable

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