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BIM supporting Lean in construction of the longest bridge in Latin America
Class ID: CES501575
Product(s): Navisworks, Revit
Topics: Building Information Modeling (BIM), Construction Management, Digital Construction, Digital Transformation, Project Management

Session Description

Building the longest water bridge is an unprecedented challenge in Concremat's history. It is 12.4 km long, + 600,000 tons of concrete and + 100,000 tons of steel. In order to anticipate the construction challenges and improve the planning design, a combined application of BIM and Lean Construction methodologies is being carried out. This application started in the basic design phase, seeking to anticipate as much as possible the possible interferences associated with construction. This class will illustrate the strategies and routines implemented in terms of processes, people and technologies with the objective of promoting integrated work between the areas of design, planning and construction. Finally, the Roadmap for expanding the application of the methodologies will be presented, not only in this project, but in the corporation as a whole.

Learning Objectives

  1. Explain how BIM is fundamental in the Lean deployment process
  2. Identify the possibilities of integration between BIM and Lean Construction
  3. Mobilize and integrate teams for integrated work
  4. Identify Autodesk software able to support Lean routines

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