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BIM-enabled Informed Path to Net Zero - from Design to Operation

Session Description

Reducing carbon emission has become one of the most urgent objectives to combat climate change globally, thereby becoming one of the crucial indicators for the AECO industry, where buildings account for nearly 40% of annual global Green House Gas emissions. Building information technologies’ advancement demonstrates promising potentials for more efficient and effective performance tracking during building design, construction, and facility management. However, the means and methods of leveraging different tools among different team structures managing exponential growth data have not been clearly defined and typically hinder the existing design process. This session will present a roadmap with various toolsets along with standards and workflows to facilitate carbon and performance tracking and feedback from the design to the operational phase. The roadmap can serve as a recipe for induvial firms and project teams to customize the most effective means to achieve their net-zero goal.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn about life cycle impacts of building and what is net zero emission.
  2. Learn about the tools, standards, and workflows that can facilitate carbon and performance tracking.
  3. Learn about strategies to reduce embodied carbon and operational carbon from design to operational stage.
  4. Understand the value and impact of introduced tools and workflow.

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