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BIM For Heritage, a Renaissance and a second never ending life

Session Description

Historical Monuments are the treasure of Humanity. They've been passing through the centuries and altered by time, weather, pollution, wars, natural disasters. They are also the testimonial of humanity and civilizations. For the sake of Humanity, we have to protect them, keep a trace of them, renew them and lower their cost of operation and maintenance, as well as prepare them for the future centuries and generations.
If destroyed or damaged, we have to be able to reconstruct them, like per the example of Notre-Dame Cathedral, or Charles and Rennie Mackintosh's Glasgow School of Art.
The only way to achieve such a noble objective is to use digital technologies like reality capture, BIM, CAD and many other innovative approaches like Virtual Reality of photo realistic rendering. This will ensure future generation and owners of these beauties that they will always have a digital twin of their prestigious and beautiful assets, allowing them for an eternal and peaceful life...

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn how to use digital technologies and BIM to recreate a virtual clone of their assets to protect, renew and operate them
  2. Learn which Autodesk technologies are more adapted for heritage modeling and preservation
  3. Learn how digital twins can improve the lifecycle and operation cost of a historical monument
  4. Learn the typical workflow and lifecycle to re-engineer a historical monument from the physical model until the digital twin

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