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Civil Infrastructure Owners
Case Study
BIM in Favela: Communities to Smart Cities, powered by GIS, ESG and Cloud
Class ID: CI502334
Product(s): Autodesk Build, Civil 3D, InfraWorks, ReCap Pro
Topics: Cloud Collaboration, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Land Development and Urban Planning, Smart Cities, Sustainability

Session Description

Approximately ¼ of the world's urban population lives in favelas: it's the sum of the population of Spain, Italy, France, Germany, UK, Brazil and USA. Learn about a case of a Brazilian favela with approximately 65k inhabitants, without an official address or without adequate housing conditions.

Starting with the favela's point cloud, we created a collaborative digital environment, and the entire project to improve the inhabited environment was done in 3D modeling:
It's BIM in Favela!

The digital construction to manage the infrastructure to make possible a dream of seeing the clean water stream being part of a true sustainable city. All this in a Common Data Environment, in which residents have the power to interact by QRCode in their houses, connected to the cloud.

A Smart City is one that includes the inhabitants in the construction and occupation in a sustainable environment, and all of this is proof of what is possible:
Technology to improve people's lives!s

Learning Objectives

  1. Using techonology to improve vulnerable environments
  2. Implement Smart Cities concepts to create sustainable environments
  3. Learn how to use collaborative digital plataform with different stakeholders
  4. Explain how to use database on GIS data connected with BIM model

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