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Avoiding Troubles around Data! Bringing Reliability to Building Operations
Class ID: BLD501837
Product(s): BIM 360 Docs, Revit
Topics: Building Operations, Data Management, Digital Delivery, Facilities Management, Project Management

Session Description

Throughout each project’s lifecycle, information tends to flow in all directions. It is common to see teams and companies scramble for data, especially at the end of construction phase, trying to deliver as-built information to operations team per project delivery scope. Issues related to data discrepancies and ambiguities tend to suggest extended construction closeout timelines, bringing negative impact to Day 1 of building operations.

In this session, Microdesk will discuss various proven methods in avoiding troubles around data. We will highlight the importance of early implementation of a data dictionary, which ultimately serves as the foundation for any digital delivery processes. We will also present a cloud-based data management tool that is created to become the medium of transferring asset data during the handover phase. Furthermore, we will demonstrate with real use cases to explain how all these methodologies formulate into an ideal (but also practical) BIM2FM workflow.

Learning Objectives

  1. Explain the ideal project road map from a successful BIM2FM perspective.
  2. Establish a project-wide or organization-wide data dictionary.
  3. Explain the importance of implementing a data dictionary earlier in the AECO lifecycle.
  4. Transfer asset information from as-built BIM models to a Computerized Maintenance Management System.

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