Software Development
Industry Talk
Automation Insights: Comparing Platforms to achieve maximum ROI
Class ID: SD501076
Product(s): Dynamo Studio, Revit
Topics: Automation, Building Information Modeling (BIM), Computational Design, Data Management, Software Development

Session Description

With cost of labor increasing and clients demanding that project timelines decrease, automating manual tasks is a simple solution to maximize profits. There are many ways to automate repetitive button clicks so that we spend less time on “low level” tasks and more time on solving the challenges of urbanization, globalization, and sustainability. Automating tasks with software can provide project teams with workflows that increase in productivity upwards of 90%. In this session we will evaluate the pros and cons through a comparison of custom-made dynamo graphs vs. commercial applications vs. custom applications to automatic Revit tasks. We will discuss topics related to customizing workflows to specific project/company needs, investing in custom development, benefits of purchasing a commercial product, and the ROI of each.

Learning Objectives

  1. Compare leveraging dynamo vs. commercial applications vs. custom applications to automate Revit workflows
  2. Solve the challenge of streamlining tedious tasks through dynamo or Revit plugins
  3. Integrate automation techniques into current workflows and implement new strategies to increase efficiency through automation
  4. Validate the ROI of each automation approach.

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