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Automate, Optimize, and Earn Back Time in MEP Fabrication with BIMrx!
Class ID: CS501640
Product(s): Fabrication CADmep, Revit
Topics: Automation, Building Information Modeling (BIM), MEP & Structural Fabrication, Preconstruction, Prefabrication

Session Description

Modeling & documenting an entire Fabrication for Revit job is a repetitive, tedious, and time consuming process. During this session attendees will learn how to leverage the commands and feature sets available to BIMrx Fabrication users to earn back budget and time for their teams throughout the project lifecycle.
Attendees will learn advanced 3D modeling commands only available with BIMrx, as well as how to string these commands together to generate complex shapes and new repeatable workflows. They will then learn automated hanger and spooling workflows, to quickly fill the model with detail & fulfil high LOD requirements. Attendees will also be introduced to Automated Point solutions, to allow users to start integrating beyond just the shop, and all the way to the field. Lastly the session will focus on setting up automated spooling, data management, and documentation workflows to quickly generate turnover sets, improve deliverables, or feed spools directly to the shop.

Learning Objectives

  1. Explore modeling workflows to drive efficiency & spend less time “making things connect”
  2. Automate Sleeve & Hanger layouts along with smart point placement, and integrate with the field through point exports
  3. Implement customized & automated spooling through the BIMrx Fabrication Spool Manager
  4. Streamline fabrication documentation & detailing with BIMrx Tagging, Renumbering, and Data Management features

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