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AutoCAD System Variables Explained!

Session Description

System variables in AutoCAD are values that control command settings, interface behavior, and user options. AutoCAD has well over 900 system variables working in the background while you use the software. Some system variables are stored within the drawing file while others are stored in the Windows registry. In this class you will learn how to redefine important system variables to maximize your efficiency using AutoCAD. We will review and alter many system variables and understand how they can affect the behavior of AutoCAD. After gaining an understanding we will discover how to implement the System Variable Monitor and System Variable Editor to help us manage and maintain a standard approach to your design workflow.

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify, Understand, and Modify System Variables in AutoCAD.
  2. Import and Export System Variables to maximize productivity.
  3. Understand and use the System Variable Monitor and System Variable Editor.
  4. Create a startup lisp file to streamline and Standardize System Variables.

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