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The Augmented Reality of Chickens

Session Description

Over the last year we have been making use of Augmented Reality headsets to aid in site visits where access has been limited by travel or gathering restrictions. That's led to some new workflows involving using AR tools to generate reality capture data sets to use in both design and construction administration. It also meant that I needed some ways to test data and workflows in ways that weren't necessarily "live" projects.

This case study will look at projects where our off label use of technology generated useful data, and how that feedback led to live reality capture features in software that makes AR useful back in the office as well as on the jobsite. We'll also look at why all of that was helpful in building a back yard chicken coop, and where AR was not as useful in replacing some traditional construction practices.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand multiple benefits of Augmented Reality on construction jobsites
  2. Understand how Augmented Reality can improve design understanding of existing spaces for remodel
  3. Understand how to get data from a Hololens into Revit
  4. Have a basic understanding of basic chicken coop construction on a sloped site MKF

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