Industry Talk
Assembling, Spooling, and Forging through a Post-Pandemic World

Session Description

We are in a fabrication-reliant world and you know there must be a better way to optimize your existing fabrication workflows. Production, Quality, Efficiency, and Safety are important more than ever now. Do more with less waste. Speed up your throughput from design to field installation. How can you impact the future of our industry and how can remote machine control shape it?

The fabrication process has many associated costs but is often overlooked or ignored because of the difficulty in estimating them. We will explore tools and software which can help you better deliver projects faster, with higher quality, efficiency, and safety. Do you want to learn more about fabrication workflows and how Forge can connect you to your remote shops? This class is based around the fabrication process for any discipline that is looking to leverage the full capabilities of machine automation, custom software, or just gain a better understanding of tools they have not yet worked with.

Learning Objectives

  1. Production: Optimize the production of your existing facility with machines. Automate your process.
  2. Quality: Enhance your fabrication team's quality by replacing human error with machine control and more flexibility.
  3. Efficiency: Do more fabrication with less waste.
  4. Safety: The future of our industry and how remote machine control can begin to shape a safer future.

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