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Are your Revit models healthy?
Class ID: AS500339
Product(s): Revit, Revit LT
Topics: Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Session Description

Revit models take a lot of beating. From starting with the wrong templates, to uncompacted models, complex geometry, data and *more data*, duplicate-name parameters, API, add-ons, macros, Dynamo script changes (and experiments), opinions and crazy ideas, hacks, unusual "CAD mentality" workflows, crashes, error messages, warnings, corrupt families, "slightly off-axis" nightmares, nested elements, CAD imports, groups, design options, phases, worksets, revisions, assemblies, full disk drives, purge-all mistakes, version-skipping and rookie BIM managers, non-relinquishing users, self-taught "experts", old Revit versions, wrong-category objects, and -of course- uneducated shared coordinate decisions to top it all off ... ALL leading to neglected, bloated and crashing models that end up dying on deadline day.
I just want your models to be happy and healthy! It's really not that difficult.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn how to maintain your model(s)
  2. Use Revit efficiently
  3. How Revit is not AutoCAD - and how to differentiate the two : )
  4. Simplify complicated tasks and workflows to make your life easy and keep your models happy

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