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AI for Data AutoComplete in Revit

Session Description

Do you have to manage continually adding attributes to objects? With requirements like UniClass, Masterclass, client data requirements and others can make the process very time consuming to ensure you have all data and it's correct.
This class will teach a simple way to use machine learning to use existing datasets you have already tagged up with these standards then with a simple machine learning desktop solution we can then apply that trained model to all your future datasets.
This concept works really well on large projects and makes it quite easy to retrain and reuse machine learning on other Revit and Civil3D projects.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn the basics of Tabular Data Extraction
  2. Apply various Machine Learning techniques to define bias, fit for your project
  3. Train the model to create predications
  4. Integrate the ML with Revit via Dynamo to Update all your components.

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