Building Engineering
Case Study
3D Rebar Stadiums & Multi Level Structures: A Practical Walk-Through
Class ID: BES502299
Product(s): Revit
Topics: Building Information Modeling (BIM), Project Management, Structural Engineering and Design

Session Description

In this presentation, we shall discover how one of the biggest structural engineering offices in Romania, Popp&Asociatii, leveraged Revit’s key functionalities to model reinforcement in Revit and how Graitec adds-on was used for the detailing part of the rebar cages.
Thanks to its dedicated wizards for 3D cage generation, PowerPack for Revit will be introduced to explain how to speed-up rebar modeling for usual standard structural elements.
Rebar schedules could be created thanks to highly configurable templates and completed with automatic schemas. In addition, reinforcement drawings could be completed with dynamic bending details
Two projects will be presented :
- Steaua Stadium (4th place in the Stadium of the Year 2021 top made by
- Skanska Campus 6 – office building located in Bucharest
Popp&Asociatii will share their feedbacks around those two projects

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand key concepts on which Rebar in Revit is based and best practices to run a Rebar project
  2. Generate parametric rebar cages for RC members and edit Rebar objects
  3. Speed up rebar drawings generation and customization with dedicated detailing tools.
  4. Discover best practices used by Popp&Asociatii, an experimented Romanian engineering office company

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