Convince your manager

Excited about AU Middle East 2019? Need to get your manager excited too? With a little preparation, we’re confident you can convince your manager to send you to AU.

Below you’ll find the top reasons to attend, a cost calculator, and a sample email to send to your manager. (The cost calculator generates an estimate and can be customized.)

Learn from industry experts

With 60+ specialized courses, industry talks, and meetups, AU is a can’t-miss learning opportunity. 

Discover leading-edge tech

Get ahead of the curve, with direct access to the latest technology and trends that you can take back to the office.

Improve work efficiency

Bottom line: your boss wants results. AU provides the knowledge and skills to help you perform better and faster.

Cost calculator


Sample email for your manager

Hi [insert manager's name],

There’s an upcoming learning and growth opportunity I’d like to discuss—it’s called Autodesk University (AU). Each year, Autodesk hosts a 2-day conference with 700+ professionals and 60+ sessions.

This year, AU will be held in Dubai, UAE, December 16-17. I’m confident that what I learn at AU will empower our company to become more productive, efficient, and competitive.

As an AU attendee, I’ll be able to:

Learn from top experts in our industry
AU is an incredible learning experience. With 60+ sessions, industry talks, and meetups, AU will enable me to take my skills to the next level.

Discover the latest trends to help us stay competitive
At AU, I can learn about emerging technologies and new workflows that will help us stay ahead of the competition.

Bring back learnings to boost our productivity
I understand that results are important. I believe the insights and industry expertise I’ll gain at AU will help me and the whole team work more efficiently.

For the Full Conference Pass, prices start at $299. The whole trip (flight, hotel, conference fees) would cost around $X,XXX.

Let me know what you think—I’d love to discuss more during our next 1:1.

[Your name]

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