Sessions for everyone

Keeping pace with rapid change requires consistent support, collaboration, and knowledge sharing. AU offers a range of sessions for every level, from industry talks and demos to hands-on labs and roundtables. Learn from peers and leaders in your industry in the format that works for you. 

Learn new tips, workflows, processes, and approaches to get the most from your tools.
Get practical insights from company leaders and top consultants on how to manage your firm for maximum success.
Whether you’re new to your field or a seasoned leader, AU is the place to take your professional practice to the next level.

AU 2018 tracks

At AU you'll find a focus on select and trending topics, from Augmented Reality and Additive Manufacturing, to Building Operations, Project Delivery, Transportation, and Generative Design. You'll also have the chance to immerse yourself in these priority tracks. 

Connecting AEC Design and Preconstruction

Digital Construction and Project Management

Accelerating Industrialized Construction

Stronger Design with Connected BIM

Improving AEC Project Delivery

Connecting Construction and Operations

End-to-End Design & Manufacturing

Generative Design to Intelligent Automation

Push Button Manufacturing

Enhanced Workflows for Media & Entertainment

Maximizing the VFX Production Pipeline

Data at the Center with Forge

Exploring the Forge Partner Ecosystem

Comprehensive Design with AutoCAD

General Industry Learning