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Intel is pleased to be a sponsor for the 2020 Autodesk University. At Intel, we believe the world need technology that can enrich the lives of every person on earth. When hardware, software and ideas come together, technology makes an authentic human impact and enables meaningful connections. Intel and its customers create powerful PCs, workstations and servers to power the creations, projects and people that contribute to the Autodesk ecosystem. Please explore our content, our sessions and the product information below. You can find information on Intel products that power:

• The data-intensive applications and renderings involved in engineering, architecture, and construction.
• The full suite of platform capabilities needed by professionals creating 3D rendering, visual effects, complex CAD, and more.
• The required performance and security for data science workloads hosted on-premise, at the edge, or in combination with cloud services.
• The management of complex datasets in a variety of AI workloads ranging from entry-level phase inferencing to expert-level deep learning inferencing and training.

Please check out the Intel sponsored sessions:
Session ID: GA479816
Title: Acquiring assets from the real-world using ReCap and 3ds MAX
Overview: This session will discuss and demonstrate how to capture and recreate a real-world scene using Autodesk ReCap and 3ds MAX. Also learn about recommended Intel systems to accomplish such workload.

Title: Generative Design Synthesis with Intel-based Data Science Workstations
Overview: Intel has been hard at work developing products that help accelerate AI Model development, particularly on the workstation. Learn about Intel’s work in the data science workstation and how it feeds into the generative design process. In addition, we encourage you to attend the Technology Trends session where industry experts will discuss trends that are shaping the work you do.

Thank you for visiting our virtual booth!

View selected AU Sessions:

Industry Talk – Acquiring assets from the real world using ReCap and 3ds MAX

Technology Trends – Living in the WFH Age


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