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Enscape empowers architects and designers to create beautiful visualizations and immersive experiences. With just one click, a model can be transformed into a photorealistic render which can be explored on screen or via virtual reality. Enscape has made architectural visualizations accessible with its fast rendering times and ease of use. And with five new languages, even more so! Used by 85 out of the top 100 firms in the world, it is a valuable tool for everyday workflows.

View selected AU Sessions:

Technology Trends – “Discussion and thoughts on living and thriving in the machine age” – Christian Lang, CEO Enscape

Theater Talks – "Integrating Visualization and Design with Real-Time Rendering" – Petr Mitev, Head of AEC Technology Enscape

Industry Talk – "How to Use Real-Time Visualizations Throughout the Architectural Workflow" – Phil Read, Read | Thomas

Article – “Shaping a New Future with Real-Time Visualization” – Dan Stine, Lake Flato Architects

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Carl Freier
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Karlsruhe, Germany
Daniel Monaghan
Head of AMER Sales & Channel
Baltimore, MD, USA

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