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Industry Talk    AS500107
Use Revit Cloud & 3DsMax to create a tangible immersive experience in Unity
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Discover the partnership between Microdesk and Black Artists + Designers Guild (BADG) with the Autodesk Foundation. We will look at processes used to create a VR conceptual house, that would engage with a large audience to interact with the spaces and allow users to explore the artwork. We will showcase a workflow that allows for flexibility during unpredictable design changes, with a strict deadline. Further explaining the pressures and successes of the project, plus the lessons we learned. Through digitalization, we implemented technologies to enable an immersive experience. We will showcase how we used Revit, as a foundation, to give us the ability to leverage 3Ds Max’s flexibility during unexpected schedule changes. Finally we will discuss the Unity workflow we have created for future projects. This will highlight innovative practices, new interactive technologies, immersive simulations, and will give audiences a richer experience, while still focusing on the arts and culture.

Key Learnings

  • Implement design strategies & flexible workflows to adapt with unexpected schedule changes
  • Leverage Autodesk software interoperability to make the gaming realm more tangible to artists & designers
  • Apply immersive technologies to reach a larger audience and showcase your distinctiveness
  • Incorporate non-technical stakeholders to encourage a more collaborative design process


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