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Unlock the Power of True Hybrid Manufacturing with Fusion 360 and LMD
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Laser metal deposition (LMD) is a version of directed energy deposition (DED) additive manufacturing. LMD is accessible and easy to use, and has low consumable material costs and the amazing potential for dual material metal additive manufacturing. Deployment of the technology into computer numerical control (CNC) machines, robotic arms, and gantries means that LMD can also deliver a truly hybrid manufacturing workflow, where both additive and subtractive manufacturing are achieved using the same setup and machine. So, the hardware exists to deliver true hybrid manufacturing; but what of the software needed to bring these two worlds together? Fusion 360 software provides the key to unlocking its power by providing a single solution—from part design, through additive manufacturing setup and toolpaths for a near-net shape part, to completion of the process using subtractive machining back to net shape. Using a demonstration part, this session will show this complete, end-to-end, design-to-hybrid-manufacture workflow in Fusion 360.

Key Learnings

  • Learn about how hybrid manufacturing is handled in the Fusion 360 Manufacturing workspace
  • Learn how to use the Fusion 360 workflow for manufacturing a part design which combines both additive and subtractive methods
  • Discover how hybrid manufacturing can deliver sustainability opportunities through its use for remanufacturing
  • Learn about the opportunities that are possible for true hybrid manufacturing using the latest metal deposition technology


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