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Transitioning from Service Provider and Artist to Content Producer and Creator
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We are experiencing an unprecedented set of disruptions in the film and animation industry: COVID-19, real-time engines, virtual productions, and technological leaps have all combined to create a rapidly changing business environment. Smaller more nimble studios and larger well-capitalized studios seem mostly likely to prevail, but “content is king” has never been less in doubt as global production plummets and struggles to restart. Base FX began as a pure services provider in 2005. Seven years later, it began developing content, and in 2015 Base Animation began work on its first feature film, Wish Dragon, which TenCent Pictures will release in China in late 2020, and its first live action film, Skyfire, in 2019. Sharing stories from his own journey as CEO of Base, Christopher Bremble will talk about the challenges, opportunities, and pitfalls of making the transition from a service company to a content producer, and from an artist to a creator, and how to prepare for the journey.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to set a strategy for transitioning from services to creation.
  • Re-evaluate your core competency as a service business.
  • Learn how to make your core competency a foundation of your content strategy.
  • Discover your local market for content demand, and build a strategy that anticipates what’s next.


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