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Strategies for Implementing Emerging Technologies Across a Large-Scale General Contractor
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Over the last 5 to 7 years we have seen software and technology explode onto the scene in the construction industry. It seems as though every year there are at least 10 new products entering the market that help improve productivity. How do you evaluate these products? As a company, how do you successfully rollout new software and technologies that are changing so rapidly? This class will dive into some of the successes, pitfalls, and roadblocks that PCL Construction has encountered along the journey of new-technology implementation. The best practices learned during multiple rollouts and evaluations have become a basis for how we deliver these technologies to our employees.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to tie in between corporate, IT, and each operating group
  • Learn how to prepare the company for the rollout (J-I-T trainings, employee outreach, corporate messaging)
  • Learn about the deployment of the technology (pitfalls, successes, and unforeseen conditions)
  • Learn how to manage expectations of all involved parties


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