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Shotgun in the Real World: Magnopus
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Shotgun software as a platform is great at managing multiple data streams and leveraging that data to drive action in the creative work your teams deliver. Magnopus uses Shotgun to help manage their Virtual Reality Experience teams alongside some of the most well known media brands in the world. This class digs into the benefits around keeping a firm hand on your data in whatever form it may take, even when your deliverables go outside the box of a computer screen.

Key Learnings

  • Uncover the power of translating data across your pipeline from the digital to the physical.
  • Empower new perspectives when addressing the tools and workflows that facilitate a digital pipeline with a visual deliverable.
  • Discuss the value sets behind collaboration in a design-focused workflow.
  • Learn how to foster a view into process-oriented decisions that will save your teams time.


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