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Set Up a Simple Local Fusion Lifecycle Development Environment with VS Code (Part 1)
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Do you feel like you spend half your time in the online scripting reference? Do you have println() on almost every other line when you debug? Do you wish you could easily search all of your scripts in a single step? Discover how you can develop, test, and maintain scripts on your local machine for your tenant. We will be utilizing a small but very powerful set of tools that let us mock and document objects, properties, methods, functions, and so on. We will construct the Fusion Lifecycle Item Object with IntelliSense to speed up the development process. We will dabble with code linting to help maintain clean and consistent code across all files. We will utilize powerful search-and-replace features across multiple files for when you need to rename that field ID but can’t remember where you used them.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to set up a simple local development project
  • Learn how to write code locally for easy copy and paste into Fusion Lifecycle
  • Learn how to utilize linting to keep code consistent
  • Learn how to use simple debugging procedures



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