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Publishing—Create Electronic and Paper Drawing Sets Using this AutoCAD Easy Button
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This class will focus on assisting CAD beginners in the use of all aspects of the Publishing Tool in AutoCAD software to plot multiple drawings in both digital and hard-copy paper formats. Attendees will learn how to publish an entire sheet set from the Sheet Set Manager, and also by using individual drawing sheet page setups. We will develop, save, and edit a listing of drawings using the Drawing Set Descriptions (DSD) file. Using this AutoCAD “Easy Button” provides an efficient and streamlined alternative to plotting drawings sheets individually. This session features AutoCAD. AIA Approved

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to create a multisheet electronic drawing set in DWF or PDF format
  • Learn how to create a paper drawing set by publishing to a plotter named in each drawing sheet’s page setup
  • Learn how to create a Drawing Set Description (DSD) file for a collection of drawings to access using the Publish tool
  • Learn how to add and remove drawings to a Drawing Set Description (DSD) file for use by the Publish tool



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