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Multi-disciplinary design automation with Autodesk Forge
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The way of engineering is changing, more and more design & engineering activities are being automated. In this class, we will show how and why we created a web-based application with the use of Autodesk Forge to automate the generation of 3D assets like water clarifiers, office buildings, and pump stations. This tool makes it possible for any user, with or without an engineering background, to generate their project-specific assets (with unique input) according to international standards and save them in Revit, IFC, or FBX file format to BIM 360. This is only a portion of the powerful solution, once users are happy with the 3D assets generated and their positioning in the Forge Viewer, using the latest technologies such as multi-model management, SVF2 file format, Design Automation for Revit APIs, it is possible to export them and place them in a GIS map. This way you can visualize how they fit on project location and provide users a full virtual interactive experience.

Key Learnings

  • Understand for what you can use Forge design automation.
  • Have insight into how Forge design automation can be integrated with other applications.
  • Learn how you can go from local to cloud applications.
  • Get a general understanding of combining BIM and GIS.


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